The strongest family of probiotics

World’s best probiotic strains

From world’s best probiotic strains and innovative formulas to top notch products, from efficacy studies to excellent stability, from proper doses to the widest product range – Biorela® is the strongest family of probiotics.

Biorela® products contain effective, clinically proven probiotic strains with unparalleled characteristics and quality. Biorela® also provides the proper doses, and the full strength of the products in every moment has been confirmed by stability tests. By using only the world’s best probiotic strains we guarantee effective and safe products. More than 300 scientific studies and published articles confirm that the strains we use are of the highest quality and efficacy. This is why strains in Biorela® products have become synonyms for probiotics.

The most innovative brand of probiotics

Our aim is to always be the first to offer you unique products. In addition to Biorela® capsules and sachets, we also take pride in our innovative chocolate bars. They are equally appealing to both children and adults, extremely tasty and completely unique. Thanks to its chocolate form, Biorela® Choco ensures the stability of probiotics.

Probiotics from birth to adulthood, for the whole family

We need good* bacteria to ensure proper digestive functioning throughout our life, and so we often need to efficiently increase the amounts in our bodies. For this reason, Biorela® products have been developed specifically for different groups: children, adults, pregnant women and the elderly. Some of the products are formulated for daily use, while others are intended for specific conditions, when we need help quickly and efficiently; for example, when taking antibiotics or during a bout of diarrhoea. Look for the right Biorela®  for you in our wide family of probiotics. You will surely find it.