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Privacy policy and personal data protection

This Privacy Policy and personal data protection regulates how all personal data of users of the website are used and protected, and explains how the rights related to their protection are processed by Data Controller , i.e., Milsing d.o.o., Velika cesta 99, 10000 Zagreb, OIB 02914711498 (hereinafter Milsing and/or Data Controller).

1.General data:

Data Controller for personal data processing:
Milsing d.o.o., Velika cesta 99, 10000 Zagreb, OIB 02914711498
Contact information through which all information regarding the processing and use of personal data can be obtained:
telephone number: 01 6379 444
address: Velika cesta 99, 10 000 Zagreb

User is a natural person whose personal data is processed by the Data Controller based on one of the legal bases for personal data processing. The user can be a natural person who registered on the website or accessed the page itself and gave consent to the Data Controller to process their personal data specified in the registration form, as well as any other person who gave their consent in the form of consent to data processing.

When processing personal data, Milsing is guided by the principles from the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council from April 27, 2016 on the protection of individuals in connection with the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and on the repeal of Directive 95/46/ EC (further: Regulation), and especially the principles of: legality, fairness and transparency of processing, reduction of the amount of data, limitation of the purpose of processing and limitation of storage of personal data, accuracy, completeness, confidentiality and reliability. Milsing implements technical and organizational protection measures to ensure an adequate level of data processing security.

2. Types of personal data processed:

Personal data collected by Milsing are: first and last name, city, address, e-mail address, phone number. In addition to the above personal data, Milsing can also collect other data if there is a legitimate interest in collecting them.

3. Legal basis for processing, purpose, method of processing and storage of personal data

The processing of personal data includes actions such as collection, recording, structuring, storage, modification, inspection, use, transfer or destruction of personal data. Milsing collects, processes, analyses and uses personal data for the purpose of selling, implementing measures and activities and providing information within the website. Milsing processes personal data depending on how you interact with the website, i.e., depending on the service, product or functionality that you want to use, for the purpose of registration, marketing purposes and/or for usability and quality analysis in order to improve our services. The legal basis for processing can be a contract on the sale or provision of services, fulfilment of the legal obligation of the Data Controller, legitimate interest and/or consent of the User.

All personal data are used exclusively for the purpose for which they were collected. Collected data may, in certain cases, be shared with financial institutions, authorities responsible for detecting and preventing fraud, providers of technological and analytical services, providers and partners of logistics, transport and delivery services and/or their partner institutions, service providers related to customer support, service providers and collaborators in the field of marketing and advertising, such as social network sites, advertising agencies or advertising partners, but only in accordance with the purpose for which they were collected. The website does not use an automated decision-making process, i.e., profiling.

All data are deleted upon termination of the purpose for which they were collected, i.e., upon termination of the relationship, and at the latest upon the expiration of all legal obligations related to the storage of personal data, except in the case of a complaint being made, until the final completion of the complaint procedures in accordance with applicable regulations. It is possible that the data are anonymized instead of deleted. In this case, all data related to the User are permanently removed.

4. User rights

At any given time, user has the following rights:

  • right to information about the processing of personal data,
  • right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data, which will stop the processing of personal data;
  • right to correction in the event that personal data that are processed are incomplete or incorrect;
  • right to erasure in cases such as termination of the purpose of processing, withdrawal of consent, in case of filing a complaint, or in cases of processing of personal data contrary to regulations on personal data protection;
  • right to restriction of processing in cases where the accuracy of the data is contested during the period of checking the accuracy of that data, if the processing of the data was illegal, but the deletion was refused and instead a restriction of the use of the data was requested, if the data is no longer needed for the intended purposes, but is still necessary for the fulfilment of legal requirements or if an objection has been filed due to the distribution of such data;
  • right to data portability to another data collector when technically feasible;
  • right to object regarding the processing of personal data to the company Milsing d.o.o. or to the competent state body (Personal Data Protection Agency) if the processing is carried out for the purpose of performing tasks of public interest, for the purpose of exercising public authority, or if Milsing d.o.o. when processing data invokes its legitimate interests (including profiling).

If you wish to exercise any of the above rights, please contact us using our contact information from point 1.

If you use any of the above rights too often and with the obvious intent of abuse, we may charge an administrative fee or refuse to process your request.

5. Rules on the use of cookies

The website uses cookies. Cookies are text files that the browser saves in the computer system.

Many websites and servers use cookies. Many cookies contain a so-called cookie ID. Cookie ID is a single cookie identifier. It consists of a series of characters that websites and servers can assign to the specific browser in which the cookie is stored. This gives the visited websites and servers the ability to distinguish individual browsers from other browsers that have different cookies. An individual browser can be identified by means of a unique cookie ID.

Through the use of cookies, the website provides Users with more accessible services that would not be possible without the use of cookies.

The information and offers on the website can be optimized through cookies so that the User and his user experience come first. As previously stated, cookies enable us to recognize website users. The purpose of this is to make it easier for the user to use the website. For example, a user who uses cookies does not have to enter access data every time they access the website, because this process is taken over by the website that places the cookie in the computer system.

The respondent can prevent the placement of cookies at any time by editing the settings of the browser they are using, and thus can permanently disable the placement of cookies. Furthermore, already set cookies can be removed at any time through any browser. However, if the respondent deactivates the setting of cookies in his browser, they will not be able to use all the functions of the website In order for this website to work properly with all its functionalities and to be able to continue working on improved pages and improving the user experience, we need cookies.

Absolutely necessary cookies are required for navigating the website and manage basic functions of the website. If you need more information about cookies, please visit

More details on the use of cookies

6. Changes to the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy

We regularly update the privacy policy and the personal data protection so that it is accurate and up-to-date, and we reserve the right to change its content if we consider it necessary. You will be informed about all changes and additions in a timely manner through our website in accordance with the principle of transparency.

7. The right to complaint

You are authorized to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority for the protection of privacy and personal data. In Croatia, it is the Personal Data Protection Agency, which can be contacted as follows:

Personal Data Protection Agency
Selska cesta 136
HR – 10 000 Zagreb
Tel. 00385 (0)1 4609-000
Fax. 00385 (0)1 4609-099

8. How to contact us

In the event that you wish to exercise one of the aforementioned rights or withdraw the consent you have given for the processing of your personal data (in cases where consent is the legal basis for the processing of personal data), please contact us.

You can contact us at any time in the following way:

Milsing d.o.o.
telephone number: 01 6379 444
address: Velika cesta 99, 10000 Zagreb

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