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Science and technology

We use science and technology to ensure the efficacy, quality and safety of  Biorela® products.

Premium strains

Premium strains

Scientifically proven efficacy

Scientifically proven efficacy

More than 30 years of research

More than 30 years of research

More than 300 studies

More than 300 studies

Why is science an important ingredient of Biorela<sup>®</sup> products?

Why is science an important ingredient of Biorela® products?

Science is included in the development process of Biorela® products from the first step. We start by sequencing the genome and identifying each strain, ensuring that the strains in the products on the market are identical to the materials used in scientific studies.

Although our strains of good* bacteria are of human origin, that is, naturally present in the human body, their suitability is additionally tested, so more than 110 safety studies have been conducted on Howaru® strains.

The crown of our work are efficacy tests, from checking that bacteria survive in the human digestive system to clinical trials of the effects of individual strains and combinations in specific health conditions.

More than 600 scientific studies and publications have been published on Howaru® strains in leading scientific journals, which are contained in our Biorela® products. It is on the basis of the mentioned tests that international health organizations make recommendations for the use of good* bacteria in practice.

Last, but not least, are the stability tests that confirm the product’s strength during its shelf life, so almost all Biorela® products can be stored for 24 months outside the refrigerator.

How do we use technology to continuously improve Biorela<sup>®</sup> products?

How do we use technology to continuously improve Biorela® products?

Good* bacteria are living microorganisms, and in order to have a beneficial effect on the human body, they must reach the digestive system alive and in sufficient numbers. In order to ensure this, we use the latest technological developments throughout the entire process – from the culture cultivation to the formulation and packaging of the finished product.

Howaru® strains are produced using special technological processes and stabilization methods. Lyophilization with cryoprotectants achieves maximum stability of the cell wall, which contributes to the stability and quality of the finished product.

Innovative Chocowise<sup>®</sup> technology

Innovative Chocowise® technology

We are especially proud of Chocowise® technology which allows us to incorporate sensitive strains of microorganisms into delicious chocolate. This brings the good* bacteria even closer to the little ones, but also to other consumers who will certainly not forget to take their daily dose of nutrients with a square of chocolate.

However, taste is not the only reason why we decided to offer products in this form. High-quality chocolate is rich in polyphenols, minerals and fibre, so moderate consumption can have a beneficial effect on health and mood. Chocolate also perfectly protects living cultures from environmental influences, which contributes to the stability of the product, but also to the survival of good* bacteria in the digestive system.

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